Group Exhibition featuring:

Raphael Cornford

Molly Evans

Natasha Heines

Elise Parisian

Dayon Royster

RL Tillman

Jason Wonnell


11/1/19 - 6:00 - 9:00 PM

ON DISPLAY through November

We live in the failures, partially fulfilled promises, and the triumphs of the New Left--what will come next, and to what extent can we act as the agents of the future we wish to see?

NOISE is proud to present a show about the instability of meaning and the afterlife of slogans. After all, these kinds of statements and phrases depend on their context. Artists intervene by changing that context, offering us the opportunity to critically examine not only the accomplished works but our positionality with discourses of dissent, protest, and daily routine. 

A quick reminder, copies of NOISE 1: Things That Aren’t, NOISE 2: Output Sabotage, Videogame Ads in Comics Volume 1: 1982-1985, One-Two Punch, and Pulse and Pulsar are available for purchase at Friends of Art Bookstore and online at http://noise.center/shop


Come hang out with us 11/1/19 and see some incredible art!


Left for dead

Group exhibition featuring Raphael Cornford, Molly Evans, Natasha Heines, Elise Parisian, Dayon Royster, RL Tillman, and Jason Wonnell

I Fell Community Gallery, 415 W 4th St, Bloomington IN 47404

11/1/19, 6:00 - 9:00 PM

Contact: contactnoiseproject@gmail.com

Web: http://noise.center

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