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NOISE Gallery proudly presents NOISE Vol. 2: Output Sabotage, documenting and critically addressing the second year at NOISE Gallery. Returning authors Liz Clayton Scofield, Andrew Wang, MaryClaire Pappas, Raphael Cornford, and Jason Wonnell join new collaborators Anne Mahady-Kneller, Israel Campos, Shane Greene, and Mark Laurin in a larger text than the first, coming in at 136 heavyweight, glossy pages. Output Sabotage refers to our last show of the 2017-2018 season, focused on reconfiguring and sabotaging our relationship to the means of production, broadly considered. Output Sabotage should also be understood as the organizational principle or theme unifying all of the shows in the same period. With gorgeous original art reproduced throughout, NOISE 2 is a feast for the eyes and the brain. Get it now, while supplies last.

NOISE Gallery is an independent, Bloomington IN Gallery run collectively by Bill Bass, Raphael Cornford, and MaryClaire Pappas, with help from Cody Rosenberg, Milly Cai, Karena Robertson, Natasha Heines, and a truly staggering roster of artists from as close as IU and as far as Milan, Italy. NOISE is dedicated to providing relevant, accessible, and thought-provoking contemporary art from around the world.  

NOISE 2: Output Sabotage

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