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At over 120 pages of high gloss, magazine-sized luscious printing, THINGS THAT AREN'T is worth the generous price of $28 on the merit of the art alone. In the first year at NOISE gallery, Bill and Raph had a chance to work with an amazing array of artists and scholars whose contributions can't be understated. Add NOISE vol. 1 to your collection today!

THINGS THAT AREN'T features original essays from Andrew Wang, James Payne, Mary-Claire Pappas, Jason Wonnell, and Raphael Cornford along with show documentation, artist's writings, as well as reproductions of work by Malcolm Mobutu Smith, Zachary Carlisle Davidson, Tiny Splendor, Jeron Braxton, and others.


THINGS THAT AREN'T was edited and designed by William Bass and Raphael Cornford in 2017. All images are the property of their respective creators. All essays are the property of their respective creators.



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