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Get the your hands on a redesigned copy of TSF #1! With 44 pages of full color comics and a novelette fully illustrated pulp adventure, TSF 1 set the tone for the series and is beloved by the small community of collectors who picked it up on its first printing.

TSF1 features the introduction of Ornan and Shijeera, a pit fighter and thief whose adventures continue in TSF2. Ornan wears a mysterious mask and has made a name for himself in the War-Pits of the city of Shul-Hazz--a city divided sharply along class lines. Shijeera was born a pauper in the sprawling slums of Shul-Hazz and dreams of a big score that will set up her for a better life. In "Slipping Into Darkness", a band of would-be invaders suffers a terrible defeat and finds themselves in a race against oncoming winter to sail back to the southern shores they call home.

Thrilling Suspense Fantasy (2nd printing)

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