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The saga continues with TSF2 featuring a full length comic and two pulp stories. With pitch-perfect simulation of the four color process used throughout much of the 20th century, TSF2 gives you more everything! More stories, more illustrations, and more color! 

In "Solidarity", TSF enters the realm of science fiction with the story of Sal, a man who gets his dream job as an engineer on an asteroid mine only to find that circumstances are far from ideal--in fact they're untenable! The story of Ornan and Shijeera continues in the novelette-length "In the Land of Sorcerers": a long journey south escorting refugees to a land shrouded in mystery goes terribly wrong. In "Long Before Essuin" we get to know Molthua, a crotchety monk who spent his youth witnessing abominations at the north frontier of Tunithea. The adventures will continue in TSF3!
Finally, thanks to the overwhelming Kickstarter support for TSF, TSF2 contains a reprint of "Pulse and Pulsar: Hot Romance in a Cold Galaxy" a 12 page comic originally made as a part of a fine-art print exchange and since distributed as a stand-alone book. "Pulse and Pulsar" is a satire which spans the conventions of science fiction over the middle of the 20th century.


Thrilling Suspense Fantasy Vol. 2

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